Construction Service Workers (CSW) is a consulting firm specializing in providing manpower and engineering services to government agencies and government Prime Contractors, by supplementing your workforce with qualified fully trained workers to staff your projects. We provide, just to name a few, Boilermakers, Electricians, Iron Workers, Millwrights, Pipefitters, Welders, Engineers, Sheet Metal, Light Industrial Machine Operators, Painters, General Labor, Fire Watch and Carpenters.

CSW's Engineering Services include construction management support, cost estimating, scheduling, design quality control and request for proposal preparation. CSW is one of the few Woman Minority Owned Underutilized Disadvantage Business Enterprises. Our Mission is to provide excellent customer service to your business, and in doing so, we will provide your company with fully trained workers to assist you in meeting the goals and deadlines of your clients Project Projection dates. CSW is presently certified in 25 States, California, Texas, Mississippi and Pennsylvania (just to name a few.) We are active in the community, Our goal is to provide job opportunities to people in the community, as well as reaching out and affording those same job opportunities to people around the country.

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